Aryana Imani

Consultant - Network & Server Infrastructure

Technical Specialization: Security, DevOps and Network

Location Expertise: New York, USA

Why should you work with Aryana?

Aryana's priority is to seek to understand before being understood. That means she will lead with empathy and active listening. Her goal is to find the next best opportunity for candidates through fully understanding their background and what is important to them. During this process she aims to build strong relationships with candidates so they can feel comfortable, heard and understood. Through active scheduled check-in times with her candidates, she ensures strong communication and that they are always up to date. 

Alongside presenting the most relevant opportunities to candidates, she will also present the most suitable candidates to clients. Her primary goal is to align the needs and preferences of the candidates or clients with a matching end-goal. She always has individuals best interest in mind, and since she has direct contact with both parties, she can advocate for everyone's needs.