Inclusive Infrastructure

At Franklin Fitch we empower the communities which we live and work in, to be their authentic selves.

A passion for equality and recruitment.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality are extremely important at Franklin Fitch.

We prioritize diversity and inclusion in all of our hiring practices to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all candidates. It means that all employees, regardless of their background, identity or circumstance, are empowered to thrive.

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Tech Talent Spotlight Series

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These interviews encompass a wide range of topics, ranging from insights into their tech journeys to the valuable lessons garnered over their illustrious careers. The discussions also explore proactive measures to encourage women from diverse backgrounds to contemplate a career in tech, offering a glimpse into the promising future of technology.

Delivering Positive Impact.

Our DE&I Goals

Raising awareness, tackling bias, and giving people a voice. We want to provide you with a platform to increase your knowledge and share your thoughts.

Raise Awareness

Awareness-raising never stops because people and society are always changing. There is always more to learn. We will continue to speak out, take action, and advocate for what is right.

Give People a Voice

We want to enable the communities in which we live and work to be their true selves and have a voice to do so. We want to create an important space where they can find their voice and sense of belonging in the workplace.

Tackle Bias

Anti-bias training is essential not only in the recruitment processĀ but also for our internal management. This programĀ is intended to improve understanding of differences as well as to actively confront bias, stereotypes, and all forms of discrimination.

Build Diverse & Inclusive Cultures

We strive to continuously work on our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals, alongside supporting client hiring managers with their respective goals. Whether in the office or in the tech sector, we act with integrity, while striving for equal opportunities and practices.
Our Commitment

A passion for equality and recruitment.

From our inception, we have understood that equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) all go hand-in-hand – put simply, embracing equality and diversity at work helps create an inclusive culture. Not only are we embracing, but also celebrating differences. We seek opportunities to learn and collaborate with others who share our passion for creating a diverse and inclusive culture. We are a member of:


APSCo Global, an international trade body offering global services with local delivery to the international recruitment sector. Through our member services, they help differentiate the professional recruitment market by raising standards and delivering expert support and market intelligence to members of APSCo around the world.

Programme One

We are founding members of Programme One, which aims to embed Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect Strategy – striving to remove barriers of hiring Black recruiters to match the representation in our local community. Our inclusive rewards and incentives as well as holidays and events, aim to welcome all types of communities into Franklin Fitch. 

Tech Talent Charter

Tech Talent Charter is a non-profit organization leading a movement to address inequality in the tech sector. We have signed their pledge to help drive diversity and inclusion within the technology sector. 

What are we doing...

Our Approach

Every part of our employment practices, from sourcing and screening individuals to training and development opportunities, reflects our dedication to diversity and inclusion. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific D&I objectives and to design customized recruitment strategies to attract and retain diverse talent.

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Delivering Positive Impact

Good Business Charter

We are fully accredited by the Good Business Charter which recognizes us for our ethical and responsible business practices. The initiative measures over ten components including a real living wage, fairer hours and contracts, employee well-being and environmental responsibility. 


Every year we actively support our annual charities through charity events and fun raising activities. This year our chosen charities in our various markets are Women's aid, Women In Need and Terre Des Femmes. 


We are part of the Ecologi community, taking active part in providing a climate positive workforce. To this date, we have planet 18,407 Trees, and continue to do so with each placement that we make and in replacement for every Christmas card we send. 

Unconscious Bias Training

Anti-bias training is not only vital on a recruitment spectrum, but also for our internal managers. This training is designed to increase understanding of differences and to actively challenge bias, stereotypes, and all forms of discrimination. 

DE&I Goals

We strive to continuously work on our Diversity, Equity and inclusion goals, alongside supporting client hiring managers with their respective goals. Whether in the office or in the tech sector, we act with integrity, while striving for equal opportunities and practices.

Sharing Their Stories...

DE&I Stories

We want to use our network to showcase the stories of the incredible and powerful individuals within technology, who have already established themselves in the spotlight and are actively promoting and championing the progression of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

We have interviewed many women as part of our Black History Series and Tech Spotlight Series with the goal of highlighting our industry's pioneering female leaders and help break stereotypes in the tech sector and inspire the next generation of tech talent.

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