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Our Embedded service means our expert recruiters act as an extension of your internal talent acquisition team.  This is the ideal solution for larger hiring drives and projects, where you need to fill several specialist IT Infrastructure vacancies.


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Specialist RPO Recruitment

Our expert embedded recruitment experts will act as ‘employees’ for your business and work with 100% dedication on your hiring project from our offices, using resources like LinkedIn, targeted job boards, and databases to source the talent you need to progress your organization.

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We deliver our embedded recruitment solution to businesses across all idustries, including consultancy firms and tech companies that need support recruiting the best professionals on the market. Our expert team are embedded into your business to help assist and scale your HR or talent acquisition department. We can support your internal recruitment team for however long you need, be it days, weeks, months, or years. So whether you need specialist contract or permanent recruitment support, our embedded service is here to help.

How we work

When you partner with us as your trusted embedded recruitment solution, we will work closely with you to learn about your hiring challenges and understand short- and long-term business objectives. With this information, we will tailor a solution best suited to your needs and match you with a team of of our specialist embedded consultants to support your hiring journey. As a result, you will gain the invaluable support of experienced recruiters who will fit seamlessly into your business and will be a valuable asset to help overcome your hiring challenges. 

We provide niche expertise

We have over 40 years of combined recruitment experience, with a proven record for providing niche expertise to our global partners. Although your embedded recruiter will be an extension of your talent acquisition team and not an official employee, your embedded consultant will undoubtedly feel like one. Not only do we train our embedded recruitment specialists on how to attract active and passive candidates and interact with clients, but we also equip them with the expertise to live and breathe your culture and adhere to your values. 

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For over a decade, we’ve been committed to building and maintaining our strong reputation as a permanent staffing partner in IT infrastructure, driving inclusion, and tackling biases in placing tech professionals across the industries we serve.
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Our aim is not to be just another recruitment supplier but rather a strategic partner in your success and an extension of your talent acquisition team. We firmly believe in cultivating lasting, trusted relationships. Our embedded recruitment specialists take great pride in exceeding expectations by helping you identify the best talent to grow your business. We recognize how strong the competition for talent in the  IT Infrastructure sector is, but we have the tools and expertise to attract top performers who are motivated to help you achieve your goals.

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Our Values

Our embedded recruitment consultants aspire to be the dedicated solution you need to take your business forward. We prioritize transparency, honesty, and openness as the core values that guide our interactions with everyone we engage with.

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We aim to be your trusted partner and support you in achieving your hiring objectives by providing candid feedback, clearly defined procedures, and easily accessible communication channels. You can count on us to deliver dependable and transparent embedded recruitment services.

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We provide valuable feedback and are committed to fulfilling our promises while communicating clearly and concisely. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional recruitment services prioritizing problem-solving and an unwavering dedication to continual improvement.

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Our recruiters are exceptionally diligent in adhering to industry best practices, paying attention to details, and exceeding expectations. This unique approach sets us apart from our competitors. We credit our achievements to our genuine commitment to striving forexcellence in recruitment.

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If you're seeking the assistance of a cost-effective and flexible embedded recruitment service dedicated to delivering excellence, we are here to assist you. Our embedded recruitment specialists are committed to helping your internal recruiters find the best talent to advance your business and will devote the time and resources you require to accomplish your hiring goals. We prioritize establishing and nurturing trustworthy partnerships, and we invite you to begin that partnership with us today.

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