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We organize a diverse range of tailored events for or clients. Whether it’s live or online, events play a big part in how we connect with our community. We want to provide an opportunity for networking, thought-leadership and knowledge sharing.

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Help your people and business thrive by learning from our network of experts.

Our events are designed to serve as platforms for networking and gaining valuable industry insights. By partnering with prominent professionals in the market, our events facilitate dynamic exchanges of knowledge, best practices, and professional advice with industry experts.

What will you get out of attending our events?


Through collaboration, we accelerate the discovery of innovative ideas.  By participating in our events, you can harness the power of collaboration to drive your company's growth and development.

Networking Opportunities

Our events provide a conducive environment for participants to network with peers, industry experts, and potential collaborators. This can lead to valuable connections and partnerships for all participants.

Knowledge Sharing

Our interactive events foster open dialogue and the exchange of insights, experiences, and perspectives. Participants gain an excellent platform to collectively address challenges and learn from each other.

Previous Roundtable Key Takeaways...

Impact Of Tech Layoffs On Company Culture

We held a roundtable to discuss the implications that tech layoffs had on company culture. The session encompassed current market trends, varying approaches to redundancy rounds, and how to develop and maintain strong business cultures through these transitions. 

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The Return To The Office

Franklin Fitch recently hosted a roundtable discussion on "The Return To Office" with a number of leaders from the legal, finance, and pharmaceutical sectors. The decision's implications were discussed, as well as methods for implementing it in an effective and transparent way. Our key takeaways can guide you in achieving better outcomes, positively influencing both your workforce and your overall company performance.

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