Robyn Trubey

Consultant - Server & DevOps

Technical Specialization: Server & DevOps

Location Expertise: East Coast, USA

Why should you work with Robyn?

Being inquisitive, honest and transparent is a vital part for Robyn to build effective working relationships with her candidates and clients. She takes care to ask accurate questions, and in return successfully identifies and understands the needs, wants, and motivations of both the employee and the employer in today's market. Alongside her wealth of market knowledge, and technical training, which allows her to specialize in the IT infrastructure system, she is confident that she can help you with your job or candidate search. 

To be in the best position to assist clients with a vacancy in the IT space, it is important to understand exactly what the client is looking for, whilst highlighting their barriers to success. Working closely with the client allows Robyn to provide a consultative approach to recruitment, through sharing insight into the current market, streamlining the client's hiring processes, and marketing their company and the job in question.

To build strong working relationships with candidates, Robyn spends time truly understanding their wants, needs, and motivations. Having an honest and transparent conversation with candidates, is crucial to Robyn to ensure she can help them to secure that ideal role. Alongside this, she coaches and guides candidates through the interview process, offering advice on how to best prepare, giving them the best chance of success.