DE&I Stories

We want to help showcase the incredible stories of individuals championing diversity and inclusion in tech.

Listen to their...

DE&I Stories

We want to use our network to tell the showcase the stories of the incredible and powerful individuals within technology, who have already established themselves in the spotlight and are actively promoting and championing the progression of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Sharing their Stories...

Female Tech Talent Spotlight Series

We've been interviewing some of the most incredible voices in the industry, and we want to share them with you. This series is to acknowledge the powerful women who have already established themselves in the spotlight, who are actively promoting diversity and inclusion in technology in an attempt to inspire the next generation of digital tech talent.

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The aim of this series is for people to take the time to read each interview, get insight from their experiences and achievements, admire their commitment to addressing important industry issues, and be motivated to learn more about the initiatives and programs that many of them are advocating and working for. This series aims to inspire you to take advantage of opportunities that come your way by feeling inspired by their success.

Elena Sinel-
Delivering Positive Impact.

Our DE&I Goals

Raising awareness, tackling bias, and giving people a voice. We want to provide you with a platform to increase your knowledge and share your thoughts.

Raise Awareness

Awareness-raising never stops because people and society are always changing. There is always more to learn. We will continue to speak out, take action, and advocate for what is right.

Give People a Voice

We want to enable the communities in which we live and work to be their true selves and have a voice to do so. We want to create an important space where they can find their voice and sense of belonging in the workplace.

Tackle Bias

Anti-bias training is essential not only in the recruitment process but also for our internal management. This program is intended to improve understanding of differences as well as to actively confront bias, stereotypes, and all forms of discrimination.

Build Diverse & Inclusive Cultures

We strive to continuously work on our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals, alongside supporting client hiring managers with their respective goals. Whether in the office or in the tech sector, we act with integrity, while striving for equal opportunities and practices.

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