Max Ehrhard

Consultant - IT Infrastructure

Technical Specialisation: Network and Network Security

Location Expertise: Germany

Recruitment Expertise: Permanent Recruitment

Why should you work with Max?

Max was studying Politics before working with Franklin Fitch. He started off as a part-time research consultant, which he enjoyed so much, that after his graduation from university, he accepted a full-time position as a recruitment consultant. He has a genuine interest for getting to know people, apart from business talk, which is why he can connect well with his position and candidates. Within the IT industry, he is supporting candidates and clients within the Server/DevOps, Network, IT-Security and IT Management sectors.

Max has a significant amount of industry knowledge, as well as experience interacting with a variety of stakeholders. His main priority is helping his clients and candidates get the best deal and get advised appropriately. He does this through putting himself in various individual's positions, and creating constructive solutions through in-depth discussions while disclosing how their private information is being used. This creates a form of trust between him and the candidates or clients.

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