Shahad Miah

Consultant - Contract

Technical Specialiation: Network & Server Infrastructure

Location Expertise: United Kingdom

Recruitment Expertise: Contract Recruitment

Why should you work with Shahad?

Shahad specialises in the UK Contract Market, where his niche is within the cloud domain. Roles in this space include Cloud Architects, Cloud Engineers and DevOps Engineers.

He sees empathy as the key to good recruiting, as it will help clients and candidates understand that he is aware of their needs and wants. Furthermore, he has always had a passion for sales and the self-growth element of a sales related position. This interest and curiosity is what makes him strive to succeed with every single task. When starting a working relationship with either candidate or clients, he actively seeks out any queries or concerns they may have – in order to instil trust, and for him to be able to advise and guide in the right manner. He will go the extra mile to ensure that both parties are pleased with their final outcome. 

If you are looking for expert contract talent or excellent contract opportunities, Shahad will be happy to help!