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We are true believers in thought leadership and the benefits of learning from like-minded professionals.

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We firmly embrace the concept of thought leadership and recognize the advantages of gaining insights from professionals who share similar perspectives. Franklin Fitch facilitates Roundtable events surrounding various topics that allow experts to network and to gain industry knowledge.

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Employee Benefits Roundtable Report

This report delves into the strategies and tactics that organizations can employ to effectively manage employee benefits in the market. By staying attuned to emerging trends, addressing challenges proactively, and fostering a culture of inclusion and well-being, organizations can position themselves as employers of choice, driving employee engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, organizational success.

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Impact Of Tech Layoffs On Company Culture

We held a roundtable to discuss the implications that tech layoffs had on company culture. The session encompassed current market trends, varying approaches to redundancy rounds, and how to develop and maintain strong business cultures through these transitions. 

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The Return To The Office

Franklin Fitch recently hosted a roundtable discussion on "The Return To Office" with a number of leaders from the legal, finance, and pharmaceutical sectors. The decision's implications were discussed, as well as methods for implementing it in an effective and transparent way. Our key takeaways can guide you in achieving better outcomes, positively influencing both your workforce and your overall company performance.

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