Alex Pineda

Consultant - Network & Server Infrastructure

Technical Specialization: Security, Network, and Server & DevOps

Location Expertise: Austin, USA

Why should you work with Alex?

Before Franklin Fitch, Alex worked in a fast paced contract space. Now that she is more industry focused, she is able to hone in her understanding of the market and make real connections with candidates and clients. 

In her eyes the most important thing about being a good recruiter is being honest and transparent with her candidates. Through this they can take steps together in finding out what is best for them when considering new opportunities. She takes her candidates process seriously and her end goal is to create better careers for them within the IT Industry. 

The main issue she solves for clients, is finding candidates that are experienced as well as passionate and ambitious in their career goals. Alex also solves issues that can arise during the hiring as a whole by acting as consultants on market research, job description layout, or any queries which may arise.