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Our contract recruitment services are perfect if your business requires a cost-effective, flexible solution to support your immediate hiring challenges.

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We provide contract recruitment to help businesses within the IT Infrastructure space find temporary cover, onboard specialist skill sets, ease internal workloads, and much more. 

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Our contract recruitment solution is the essential service you need if you are looking to source candidates for a specified period or a specific project. For example, if you have a team member going on maternity, have a skills gap within your business, can’t commit to a permanent hire, or want to trial run a contract hire before making a longer-term commitment, then our contract recruitment services will be perfect for you. Our contract staffing caters to finding candidates of levels, whether you require support at entry, mid, senior, or C-suite levels.

How we work

By selecting us as your contract recruitment partner, we'll work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your company's operations, challenges, and objectives. This knowledge will guide us in finding the most qualified contract employees to improve your organisation and  overcome your immediate challenges. We have an extensive pool of talent available for immediate employment on short notice. With our contract service, you have the flexibility on how long you want to commit to hiring while also saving time, reducing talent acquisition costs, and giving you a top professional to progress your business.

We provide niche expertise

With a wealth of 40 years of recruitment experience, we offer a reliable contract recruitment solution proven to support global brands with their immediate talent challenges. Our niche expertise allows us to provide tailored tech training to our contract consultants, ensuring they have the specialist skills needed to approach future hires with a clear understanding of your requirements and your ideal candidate's needs. By staying within the niche world of tech, we remain dedicated to delivering on our promises and providing true expertise to our clients.

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Our goal is to be more than simply another supplier; we aim to become a trusted partner in contract hiring. We reject supplier-style relationships in favour of long-term partnerships that will help us achieve excellence. 

Our consultants are experts in their fields, and are specialised in the sectors that they focus on. They take pride in going above and beyond expectations to not just fill positions but also locate great candidates that are capable of driving your business and assist you in reaching your objectives. We understand the fierce competition for contract talent in the IT infrastructure industry, but we are prepared to meet this challenge with the goal to support your business. 

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A Guide to Finding and Hiring the Best Contract Talent

A Guide to Finding and Hiring the Best Contract Talent

he rise of — and demand for — contractors is starting to rewrite the rules of talent. As a result, hiring managers are now tasked with finding, hiring, and managing employees to optimise their workforce and stay agile in the face of changing demands.

In this guide, we'll provide a concise overview of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding contractors to aid companies in grasping these processes more effectively within the current market landscape.

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If you're seeking the immediate support of a contract recruitment specialist who strives for excellence, look no further than Franklin Fitch. Our contract recruiters are dedicated to helping you find the talent you need to grow your organization. Unlike most contract recruitment agencies, we go above and beyond and prioritize building trusted partnerships with our clients and are eager to support you. So why not start that partnership with us today?

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