Jasmine Ellis

Consultant - Server & DevOps

Technical Specialization: Server and Cloud

Location Expertise: New York and New Jersey, USA

Why should you work with Jasmine?

Before Franklin Fitch, Jasmine was working in hospitality while studying Policing. This did not only shape her in-depth people skills, but also allows her to establish close relationships with both clients and candidates from various backgrounds. 

She specializes, but doesn’t limit her services within New York and New Jersey where most her clients and candidates are within the professional services of Finance and Law. One of the most important aspects to Jasmine, is creating close and trusted relationships with her candidates. She will have in-depth conversations to identify not only their specific job search and their desires, but also details about their personal life and their dream goals. Through this she is able to match them to a fitting company where they can thrive. 

When it comes to client relationships, she understand how a lot of hiring managers are unaware of other processes candidates have ongoing, which results in last minute dropouts or unexpected rejected offers. Due to this, she actively keeps clients in the loop throughout their whole process alongside providing industry knowledge which allows them to secure their preferred candidate. 

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