Alexander Garst

Principal Consultant - Network, Network Security & IT Management

Technical Specialisation: Network, Network Security & IT Management

Location Expertise: Germany

Recruitment Expertise: Permanent Recruitment

Why should you work with Alexander?

Alexander was always passionate about recruitment. Before Franklin Fitch, he was a recruitment consultant in finance and Accounting Industry, where is knowledge about recruitment kept growing. Through this long-term experience, he has become extremely resilient and professional within his position and has learnt to focus purely on the candidates and client's desires and needs. Currently, he focuses on the Network and Security, as well as IT Project and service management sectors.

Individuals who have worked with him, describe that he has a significant feel for understanding what client the candidate wants to be matched with. A well-rounded understanding of the market alongside his experience allows him to make these matches with ease. His openness, kindness, as well as honesty, is respected and appreciated by not only his colleagues but also the people he works with on a daily basis. 

Speak to Alexander, if you are looking for the best talent or opportunities within IT Infrastructure.

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