Khalid Allaw

Business Manager - DevOps & Linux

Technical Specialisation: Server, Cloud & DevOps

Location Expertise: Germany

Recruitment Expertise: Permanent Recruitment

Why should you work with Khalid?

Khalid is an empathetic and genuinely interested professional who excels at understanding people's needs and building strong relationships with clients and candidates. Specializing in Server, DevOps, and Cloud, he works with larger and medium-sized companies across various industries.

Clients and candidates trust him for his empathy, authenticity, and problem-solving abilities.

Serving as a liaison, he ensures a seamless process by effectively addressing issues and communicating with both parties behind the scenes. Khalid is a valuable resource, providing guidance and support to clients and candidates in the ever-evolving technology landscape. Connect with him today to experience his personalized approach to recruitment and drive your success!

Whether you are looking for the right talent or the best opportunities within IT Infrastructure, Khalid will be able to help you.

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