Lukas Tron

Lead Consultant - Network & Network Security

Technical Specialisation: Network and Network Security

Location Expertise: Germany

Recruitment Expertise: Permanent Recruitment

Why should you work with Lukas?

Lukas has a degree in Social Science and has since been working in recruitment for 6 years, which allows him to connect with clients and candidates on another level. He does not only attain strong market knowledge, but is passionate about transparency and authenticity when dealing engaging with stakeholders. All these factors create a strong basis for Lukas to create long-lasting relationships on. 

He specialises his services within multiple industries such as logistics, medical, manufacturing, retail, tourism etc. giving him an extremely in-depth understanding of It infrastructure within network and network security. His industry knowledge allows him to support candidates to find their ideal positions, and through his patience and resilience he ensures that each candidate is placed accordingly. 

Transparency during the entire hiring is important to Lukas when interacting with clients. Not only for him to understand clients better, but also so that the clients are involved within the whole recruitment process. With consistent patience he works hard to find the best candidate for the position, ensuring consistent communication throughout the whole process. 

Whether you are looking for the best talent within Network Infrastructure or for the next step in your career, get in touch with Lukas.

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