Our Specialisations

With a focus on niche specialisms, we combine in-depth industry knowledge, and specialised networks with technical expertise, to provide the best service for sourcing talent or finding the perfect role.

Since our inception

Our sole focus has been IT Infrastructure

We have the experience, technical expertise and specialist networks that enable us to partner with you for your talent acquisition and career needs.

By focusing on core specialist areas, we can offer a specific and insightful service.


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About our Specialisations

We have the networks within networking

The design, setup, and maintenance of networks are integral to a business' success. In a world where individuals and companies are reliant on the high availability of their IT infrastructure, we are connected to the talent and opportunities across the UK for these highly critical positions.

Whether working internally as part of a wider support team or working on a consultant basis, we have a number of opportunities available.

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Ongoing digital transformation driving the importance of server infrastructure

Franklin Fitch started its journey in Infrastructure. Knowing how integral systems were and continue to be to companies and individuals means our focus has remained on the developments in these areas.

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Information Security is becoming increasingly mainstream, we have it covered

With a number of high-profile UK companies experiencing security breaches and having the spotlight put on parliment around privacy and data concerns the need for strong security is paramount.

We continue to monitor the evolving environment when it comes to InfoSec and it's no surprise that the demand for talent in this area is at an all-time high.

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IT Operations and support are an integral part of IT Infrastructure.

Be it service and help desk experts or NOC and SOC engineers. IT infrastructure would come to a halt without them.

In addition to having the knowledge to develop your IT Operations & Support career, we have the expert networks to fill your open roles.

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Digital transformation demands experts, who can support organizations in implementing processes, trends, and technologies

Organisations are realising more and more that they are not yet sufficiently prepared for the constant digital transformation. That’s why the demand for specialised IT Project Managers and IT Service (Delivery) Managers is as high as it’s ever been.

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