Ben Makepeace

Team Lead - Boston

Technical Specialization: Network and Network Security

Location Expertise: Boston and Massachusetts, USA

Why should you work with Ben?

Ben works with professionals exclusively within the Security Engineering, Systems and Network industries. He is seen as trustworthy, personable, and easy to communicate with, often being described as a sounding board for all parties. Whether it's candidates seeking guidance on the job market and what might be the optimal move for their career, or clients seeking information on candidate market patterns and possible expansions. 

He is frequently contacted by existing and prospective customers, who are having difficulty filling complex technical positions using their own internal recruitment processes. Ben's commitment to candidates and clients allows him to stay true to his word and always strives to provide the best service possible. Whether it's accepting calls outside of business hours to accommodate candidate's busy schedules, or providing professional advice on resume formatting/content and interview preparation. 

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