Heather Wilkins

Consultant - Cyber & Information Security

Technical Specialisation: Network & Server Infrastructure

Location Expertise: United Kingdom

Recruitment Expertise: Permanent Recruitment

Why should you work with Heather?

Heather has spent over seven years in costumer service, and has gained invaluable skills and experiences, which actively helped in her transition to become a recruiter. Through countless interactions with customers, she has honed her communication abilities, becoming an expert in active listening, empathy and clear articulation. Additionally, Heathers customer service background has equipped her with a keen understanding of client needs, enabling her to identify and match the right candidates to the right positions effectively. 

Heather's experience has taught her that finding the right candidate for the position is not just about matching skills and qualifications to the job description, but also about truly understanding how the candidate will fit in with the company culture and dynamics. She is there to support her candidates as well as her clients through actively streamlining the recruitment process to save time as well as resources. With Heathers extensive market knowledge, she also understands how competitive the job market is. Working with her clients to develop compelling job descriptions, employer branding and candidate engagement strategies are only the beginning of what she has to offer. 

So if you'd like access to the best IT Infrastructure talent and the best job opportunities, get in touch with Heather.

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