The Rise of Malicious AI and the Threat AI Poses to Businesses Roundtable Report



This report takes an in-depth look into the threat AI poses to businesses in 2024.

As cybersecurity threats to businesses continue to rise and companies seek ways to protect themselves, the role of IT and security leadership has never been more critical. 

To address these challenges, we recently partnered with market leaders Keepnet, a Human Risk Management platform dedicated to reducing the threat of social engineering attacks on businesses, to deliver our roundtable event.

The focus of the roundtable was The Rise of Malicious AI and the Threat AI Poses to Businesses, and have created an insightful report containing the key findings and information which includes:

  •  Real-world examples illustrating the impact of malicious AI. 
  • Identifying potential risks and consequences of AI-driven social engineering. 
  • Strategies and best practices for protecting your businesses defenses against such attacks. 

The aim of the insightful report is to help educate you on how malicious actors use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in social engineering attacks. 

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