How To Answer In An Interview: Why Do You Want This Job?


You’re in the interview and they ask you, “Why are you applying for this position?”…or “Why ...

You’re in the interview and they ask you, “Why are you applying for this position?”…

or “Why did you apply for this job?”…

Are you prepared with what you want to say?

It's one of the most straightforward interview questions, and how you respond could determine whether you get the job or not.

The employer will be able to see from your response how excited you are about the chance and what made you want the position. There are two main reasons why employers ask candidates such questions as "Why did you apply for this job?" or "Why are you interested in this position?" They'll check to see first if you've done your homework and are aware of what their job entails. Second, they want to know if you have considered your career and know what you want.

Focus on the position for which you are interviewing when responding to this question. Instead of expressing reservations about your current work or employer, try to focus your conversation on the prospects you see with the new employment. Confidence and professionalism will be communicated by positively structuring the dialogue.

There are a few general measures you may take while you get ready for the interview, though you should definitely develop an answer to this question that highlights your distinctive abilities and traits in relation to the position:

The Position:

Thoroughly preparing your response to this question ahead of the interview equips you to provide a comprehensive and well-crafted answer to the hiring manager, especially when applying for an IT role. Immerse yourself in a detailed analysis of the role's technical responsibilities. Take the initiative to thoroughly review the job description, ideally well in advance of the interview. Does the position involve overseeing network infrastructure or require expertise in cloud development?

Delving into these specifics is crucial in identifying which of your technical proficiencies align most seamlessly with the role's requirements. This understanding not only enables you to eloquently communicate your motivations for pursuing the IT role but also empowers you to effectively showcase your technical qualifications in a manner that resonates with the company's technological needs. By strategically aligning your technical expertise with the precise demands of the role, you can present a persuasive argument for why you're the perfect candidate to contribute to the company's IT endeavors.

Research the Company:

Thorough research is the cornerstone of a convincing answer Research is your best friend here. Dive into the company's technological initiatives, projects, and achievements. For example, if the organization is lauded for its groundbreaking AI-driven solutions, you can express your eagerness to contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence in a tangible and impactful manner.

By highlighting specific parallels between the company's tech trajectory and your own interests, you demonstrate a proactive approach to integrating seamlessly into the team. Your readiness to leverage your expertise to bolster the company's ongoing tech endeavors serves as a testament to your value as a potential IT team member.

Be careful you read the job description and research the firm before the interview. You might express a specific interest in the position to the interviewer by demonstrating that you did your research on the organization and its business strategy.

  •  The company website: Begin with the “About Us” page, and look for company press releases, blogs or social media profiles.
  • Outside media coverage: Find recent news stories or press releases related to the organization.
  • Personal networks: Consider reaching out to your own connections to learn about the company culture and inner workings.

Link Your Skills and Experience to the Role:

Transition smoothly into showcasing the alignment between your technical competencies and the requirements of the IT role. Share compelling anecdotes from your professional journey that underscore your proficiency in handling challenges akin to those encountered by the company. If you're aiming for a role in network administration, for instance, you could elaborate on how you successfully revamped a complex network infrastructure at your previous job, resulting in enhanced efficiency and security.

Additionally, don't hesitate to highlight any relevant certifications you hold, such as CCNA or CompTIA Security+. By substantiating your technical prowess with concrete examples, you substantiate your capability to immediately contribute to the team's objectives, reinforcing your status as an ideal fit for the position.

 Structure your Answer:

Condense and organize your response after researching the company and the job description in relation to your background. Even while writing down your response can help, you get better at it, and you should be ready to speak out even if you don't have the information in front of you. Instead of memorizing it, keep in mind a few important points you wish to make.

Consider including the following three pieces of information in your response while preparing your response:

  •  How would this job help you improve professionally?
  •  How does the job fit in with your long-term objectives?
  •  What makes this job unique?
  • What about you makes you a particularly good fit for this organization or job?

Your response should demonstrate that you read the job description in its entirety and thoughtfully considered if the employment was actually a suitable fit for you both now and in the future. Finally, it shows that you are more interested in that particular position than other comparable roles.

Illustrate Your Long-term Goal:

Convey your dedication to a lasting career in the IT field by outlining a roadmap of your long-term aspirations. Emphasize your enthusiasm for staying at the forefront of technological advancements and your eagerness to embrace continuous learning. Express your genuine excitement about mastering emerging technologies and mention specific areas of specialization you intend to explore. If you're intrigued by the prospect of becoming a certified cloud architect or delving into quantum computing, share these ambitions.

Additionally, highlight how the company's commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with your trajectory, underscoring how the role serves as a stepping stone towards achieving your ambitious career goals.

Demonstrate Cultural Fit:

Highlight your compatibility with the company's tech culture and values to showcase that you're not just a technical match, but also a cultural fit. Discuss your appreciation for collaborative problem-solving, your eagerness to contribute innovative ideas or your alignment with the company's commitment to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Share an example from your past experiences where you thrived in a collaborative tech-driven setting, further substantiating your potential to seamlessly integrate into the team. This demonstration of cultural alignment underscores your ability to not only excel technically but also contribute positively to the overall synergy of the IT department.

End your Answer with a Question:

Concluding your response with a well-thought-out question tailored to the specific role and company can be a highly effective strategy to set yourself apart in the eyes of the interviewer. This approach adds an extra layer of depth to your answer, showcasing your genuine interest and active engagement in the conversation.

As you seamlessly transition from your elaboration on your skills and alignment with the company's values, consider incorporating a question that seeks to uncover insights about the potential challenges or opportunities within the IT role you're pursuing. For instance, you could inquire about the company's future tech initiatives or the integration of specific emerging technologies into their roadmap.

This not only encourages a dynamic exchange but also positions you as someone who is already thinking ahead and strategizing ways to contribute meaningfully to the company's tech landscape. Remember, by concluding with a thoughtful question, you demonstrate your proactive approach, curiosity, and commitment to making a valuable impact within the IT team.

To Conclude

Navigating the "Why do you want this job?" question in an IT interview requires a combination of passion, research, alignment, and introspection. By effectively conveying your unwavering passion for technology, aligning your skills with the company's tech objectives, showcasing your professional accomplishments, outlining your long-term aspirations, and illustrating your cultural fit, you construct a comprehensive and compelling response that sets you apart as an exceptional candidate.

Remember, your answer is an opportunity to convey your dedication to the IT domain and your potential to be an invaluable asset to the company's tech landscape.

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