Streamlining the interview process through technical skills pre-screening

HighPoint Solutions

HighPoint help their customers maximize their investment in information technology

Who are HighPoint Solutions

For over 25 years, HighPoint have been helping their customers maximize the IT investment. Doing so, by becoming a trusted advisor and service provider, they can truly rely on.

HighPoint believe in building lasting relationships, delivering timely value and that their success is a by-product of their customers' success. The company was built on the foundation of honesty, integrity and trust and the way they work is enhanced by 'the HighPoint Way' a catalogue of 33 principles that underpin what makes them different.

What do HighPoint offer?

HighPoint Professional and Managed Services Teams act as a seamless extension of their customers' organizations, enabling them to adopt new technologies and deliver benefits of digital transformation quicker. HighPoint’s flexible engagement model means customers have access to right support at every stage of the lifecycle

Typical vacancies we filled for HighPoint Solutions

CCNA/CCNP Network Engineer

Network Operations Engineer

Senior Network Engineer

Lead Network Engineer

Network Design Engineer

Network Architect

CCNA/CCNP Network Security Engineer

Project Manager

Firewall Specialist

Configuration Assurance Engineer

Delivery Engineer

Fortinet Firewall Specialist

Wireless Engineer

Cisco ISE Consultant

Cisco ACI Engineer

CCNP Network Consultant

UC Engineer

Solution Architect

Security Architect

Security Consultant

Network & Security Engineer

Let's take a closer look at

The Challenge

When we first started working with HighPoint, they had multiple first-stage interviews. It was a painstaking process, usually taking around 1.5 hours of hiring managers’ time, before a candidate could progress to further stages. 

Client Services

Our industry experience enabled us to streamline that process. Our contract practice manager's background in Network Engineering meant we could prepare a list of pre-screening technical interview questions specifically for HighPoint Solutions.

We implemented a scoring system in collaboration with our client, which helped ensure the candidates that were progressing in the interview process had the particular technical skillset and knowledge our client was looking for. The interview consisted of a 30-minute technical interview, and candidates were able to progress if they reached a score of over 75%. 

The Result

Through the utilization of a video interviewing platform, we managed to further streamline this process, enabling the hiring managers to review answers to specific questions themselves.

We set up the technical test on our video interview platform, which poses questions to the candidates and they can record their responses at a time that is convenient to them. Afterwards, we screen the answers with our scoring system and forward successful candidates, and their answers, to the hiring managers.

HighPoint Solutions trusted our understanding of their requirements and our expert knowledge of the technical capabilities needed for their roles, significantly increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process and speed to hire.

HighPoint Solutions saved 25 hours of interviewing thanks to this significant process improvement.

“Franklin Fitch have been one of a handful of recruitment agencies on our preferred supplier list for many years. We’ve been able to find suitable candidates for the roles we’ve needed filling quickly. 

For me, personally, working with the team at Franklin Fitch has been a breath of fresh air. Being able to have a trusted relationship and being supplied with credible candidates consistently has been a huge time-saving and allowed me to focus on my own business as well as getting candidates quickly to support our projects rather than having to push back start dates with our own clients because we don’t have the right skilled resource available.”

Ankit Patel, HighPoint Solutions


Inefficient interview processes.

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