Mental Health Awareness Booklet



Mental health awareness has become an ongoing effort to reduce, understand, and treat mental illness and/or mental health conditions by education, support, and more resources.

Mental health has a far-reaching impact on all aspects of life, and employers and employees alike must understand the importance of it and the need to create a supportive working environment. Employers can help create a positive mental health environment by offering resources and support to employees, such as flexible working, mental health days, and access to mental health professionals.

Creating a workplace culture that supports mental health is in everyone's best interests. By promoting good mental health in the workplace, employers and employees can work together to create a happier and more productive working environment. 

Within this booklet, we explain what is mental health, how to prioritise your mental health,  how you can be mentally healthy at work, and practical suggestions for what you can do and where you can go for support.

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