Black History Month Guide



We created a Black History Month booklet that highlights the history and importance of Black History Month, we spotlight Black pioneers who made groundbreaking contributions to technology and celebrate the incredible Black innovators, leaders, and influencers who are continuing to shape the tech industry.

Black History Month is an annual recognition of the history, achievements, and influence of the UK black community.

There are countless ways in which we can stand with the black community in our day-to-day lives, including challenging stereotypes, addressing bias, and offering a helping hand.

At Franklin Fitch, we want to take this as an opportunity to start conversations about race. Conversations about race are important to have in the workplace because it supports an organisation's anti-racism work and encourages a two-way dialogue and conversation about race between black, Asian, minority ethnic, and white employees.

We have included some resources for what you can read, listen to, and watch which can help you to learn about and celebrate Black history and culture while understanding the systemic changes that need to happen to achieve equality.

A time to listen, a time to learn, but above all, it's a time to celebrate.

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