The Value Of Hiring Contractors In The Tech Industry

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As companies compete for specialised professionals, discussions on the future of work are in...

As companies compete for specialised professionals, discussions on the future of work are increasingly focusing on the advantages of blended workforces. 

While many businesses have typically preferred permanent employees over contract labour, this is changing. More executives and hiring managers have discovered they need to explore beyond standard resourcing strategies in a tight employment market caused in large part by the pandemic.

The scarcity of available computer specialists is one of the most urgent challenges for companies. The demand for technological products and services is increasing in the digital age. However, according to IT Nation's People and Skills Report, IT job prospects have reached a 10-year high and now account for approximately 14 percent of the overall UK workforce. According to the Office for National Statistics, job opportunities in the UK will outnumber unemployment for the first time in 2022.

If you're having trouble hiring qualified permanent employees, is it time to consider how contractors can help your company? These choices may appear expensive on paper, but there is a wider picture to examine.


It is challenging to optimise the amount of employees in your workforce. It is about balancing the amount of employees so that they do not exceed the budget while also not becoming understaffed. Using contractors gives your company the flexibility to avoid these extremes.

Contractors will quickly assist you in meeting your needs. In the tech industry, you may be given enormous assignments or unique projects that require your organisation to rapidly expand up. Contractors provide your organisation with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be flexible, which is critical in the tech era.


Some businesses are hesitant to engage with contractors because they believe it would prevent great talent, but this is not the case. Because of how quickly in-demand talents can change in the computer business, many highly talented individuals choose to work as contractors.

Furthermore, the tech industry often requires a fairly specific set of talents. These specialised skills are usually only necessary for a brief period of time. Using contractors to address these skill gaps within your company for certain projects and business goals is an easy option.

New Ideas and Abilities

Contractors generally have a lot more exposure to diverse firms and work settings because of their expertise working with multiple clients. As a result, they frequently add new perspectives and insights to the initiatives in which they are involved.

Their lack of ties to the company also provides them with the advantage of being able to examine an issue objectively and propose effective ideas that go beyond the status quo. A contractor's independence from a company also allows them to facilitate decision-making and adopt new methods without fear of internal bias.

Trial Run

Hiring a new permanent team member is a significant investment. In the fast-paced world of technology, finding and acquiring the appropriate talent can cost your company a lot of money. Even so, you can't be confident that they'll be a good fit. Utilise tech contractors to reduce the use of those resources.
A trial run will be important in determining whether or not that person is a good fit. It will also help you determine whether the position is something you will require in the long run. With the current increase in IT employment, how can you be certain that your firm has the correct tech position? Using contractors is a great way to test new positions you are considering acquiring for the long run.

Cost-Saving Methods

Contractors are cost-effective resources for meeting project-driven demands as well as unforeseen upticks in internal operations and systems. Working with a contractor can help you save money on initial hiring costs if your budget is a barrier to employing fresh talent.

When compared to hiring permanent employees, outsourcing is an excellent way to save money. Take a look at the following:

- No holiday, sick, or overtime pay

- Only compensated for the exact set of hours you require them to work

- Reduced overhead costs

- Insurance covered by the agency 

- Tax and pension dealt with by the contractor 

- Controlled staffing budget 

Many businesses have begun to reconsider their employment practises in the present economy, particularly in the fast-paced area of technology. Using contractors allows your firm to be more flexible, save money, gain access to a broader range of capabilities, and test the waters with tech jobs and people.

Has your organisation considered maximising the trend by utilising contractors? Or do you require further assistance in navigating the world of contracting? Our team of recruiting professionals is ready to talk about the opportunities that contractors can bring to your firm. Contact us right away to learn more about how we can help you.

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