Oliver Boulton

Principal Consultant - Server & DevOps

Technical Specialization: Server and Cloud

Location Expertise: Boston, New York, and the East Coast, USA

Why should you work with Oliver?

Oliver is known for his exceptional empathy and interpersonal skills in connecting with clients and candidates. He has a strong focus on understanding individual needs and building lasting relationships. Oliver primarily works with clients in the professional services and healthcare sectors, specializing in the Massachusetts server and cloud market as part of the US London team at Franklin Fitch.

His success can be attributed to the academy's comprehensive learning and development program, as well as hands-on management support. As a consultant, Oliver goes beyond traditional recruitment by providing valuable assistance in negotiations, market knowledge, onboarding, and candidate placement. He has established a solid reputation for delivering exceptional results. In addition to his professional achievements, Oliver has a remarkable background in sports, having played in the National Finals at Wimbledon and representing his county on numerous occasions.

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