Jake Rickman

Consultant - Cyber & Information Security

Technical Specialization: Security

Location Expertise: Massachusetts, USA

Why should you work with Jake?

Jake is committed to going to great lengths to see the entire recruitment process through to completion, working in his own time to secure the most competitive applicants on the market. In-depth qualification calls address all elements of business and personal matters in order to gain a better knowledge of both clients and candidates. This enables Jake to build a rapport and collaborate closely with prospects. 

As he most importantly values your time, he will be direct and get to the point from the start. His questioning will be precise and meticulous. As a result, he is able to work efficiently and provide the strongest candidates on the market. In addition, as it is critical to keep up with trends and changes in a market as fluent as IT, he welcomes the opportunity to advise and informs candidates and clients about any market related questions they may have. He will be forthright and honest about the present market and will work hard to negotiate a situation that meets your requirements. 

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