Devin Gallagher

Recruitment Consultant

Consultant - Server, Cloud & DevOps 

Technical Specialization: Systems Administration

Location Expertise:  Texas, USA

Why should you work with Devin?

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Devin worked within the healthcare industry before making the transition into recruitment. Devin has a strong sense of ambition, which she has developed from her soccer background, and a natural talent for working with a team to overcome challenges and achieve goals. With her naturally outgoing and competitive personality, she is able to connect with candidates and clients on a more personal level.

Devin places a high value on having candidates voice their concerns to her in an open and honest manner so that she may address them right away. Her objective is to support candidates in securing the ideal position that meets all of their needs.

She thinks that finding the right candidate for a client depends on a number of factors, including personality and skill set, which she actively matches to one another. She also wants to identify a candidate who can fit in well with the corporate culture and check off all their boxes.

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