During the application process many candidates put the emphasis on their hard skills – specific work experience, knowledge, degrees etc. They tend to forget that it is also very important to highlight the most important soft skills you have and show that you are the right candidate for the position. A lot of the times people have skills that are in high demand but don’t mention them in an interview.

What are soft skills? Soft skills are skills from past experiences, jobs, etc. which are more difficult to define and measure than hard skills – often they are also called people skills or social skills. The fact they are difficult to measure doesn’t make them less important. Psychologists agree that hard skills may get you an interview but soft skills will get you the job and help you to climb the career ladder.

It is hard to judge which soft skills are the most important. Here are our five most important soft skills:

  1. Team working:
    Being cooperative, but also displaying strong leadership skills when necessary.
  1. Time Management
    As you could already read in one of our latest blog posts time management is necessary to stay focused and productive. You have to plan your days, determine priorities, stay focused and monitor success to avoid end up feeling like you did not achieve anything.
  1. Communication skills
    Communications skills are often on top of the “requirements list” on job descriptions. People with strong communication skills listen well, can build strong relationships and can vary their communication style to suit the circumstances.
  1. Problem-solving skills
    The ability to use past experiences, creativity, information and available resources to resolve issues is attractive because it saves everyone valuable time.
  1. Adaptability
    Is a very valuable asset to employers. Those who are flexible and can adapt to different situations are reliable no matter what’s thrown at them.

Obviously, this list is not including all important soft skills but the ones we think are most important to many employers. The good news is that, like any skill, soft skills can be learned. Work to develop the skills in this list is likely to pay off in your job search!

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