by Jordan Guttridge

Last week, my colleague Patricia broke down the reasons why we are opening an office in the US and everything she detailed was exactly why every Brit is excited to go (Especially the supersized food!).
I’d like to look at the technical opportunities and the attraction to the market itself!

Trending Tech

  • IOT, SDN, Cloud computing. 3 big players that are being bandied about left, right and Charlie. However, we are now seeing the implementation of these technologies on a bigger scale than ever.
  • The majority of organisations are moving into the cloud and away from on-premise technologies. AWS & Azure are the 2 biggest players in the public space, with Google Cloud a close 3rd, while private cloud rules all in the financial services.


  • In relation to the aforementioned tech, the amount of company HQ’s based in North America when compared with the UK make our market look like a drop in the ocean.
  • Although Silicon Valley is widely known as the “Technical hub of the world” – there is no shortage of vendor presence, tech start-ups and just downright cool companies located in every corner of the States.
  • Take Austin, TX – Boulder, CO & Provo, UT that are commonly being associated with some of the best places in the US to grow a business


  • Engineers with an expert level of skill in one area, alongside engineers with strong skills in multiple disciplines are becoming increasingly in demand. The swing from a job-led to a candidate-led market is currently at its prime and candidates in the States are soon to find themselves in very demand.
  • For us, this means an opportunity to work with the best talent in the country and help them to secure the best possible future, and a guidance to great opportunities.

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