We’re hoping you noticed a few changes to our logo, website and social media platforms recently. We are excited to announce today, the launch of our snazzy, new website.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 5 years since our inception in August 2011, however during this time were pleased to say, we have grown steadily and established ourselves as leaders in the IT infrastructure recruitment market throughout Germany and the UK. Furthermore we are now considered trusted advisors to Service Providers, technology vendors, enterprise organisations and the Cisco and Juniper Partner Networks alike.

Our new brand launch began one year ago with the introduction of our significantly changed logo. We love our fresh design, we thought long and hard about the different aspects and not purely from a cosmetic standpoint. Within our logo device, the pyramids represent the different aspects of recruitment: our candidates, our clients, us and of course the recruitment process. Each pyramid’s colour variation, reflects the subtle differences between the aspects, and all parts are clearly connected. Our green palate signifies our passion for growth and sustainability. We also changed the logo font, it now feels clean, crisp and reflects our professional, forward thinking approach to the dynamic technical market we deliver to.

Now we release the new website, we’ve simplified the job search and apply functions, increasing efficiency for our candidates. We’ve used images from our offices and local area, we believe in a transparent service, integrity is key in our business. Often the photo’s focus on our consultants, they are the foundation of Franklin Fitch, we are under no illusion, it’s their appetite for excellence that drives our growth.

So, an exciting time for us, change seems to be the only constant and we’re loving every minute. Keep your eyes peeled for our next project, the new London office – we can’t wait to get moved in!!

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