There are many reasons why Graduates should look to recruitment as their first step into the working environment. The traditional image of recruitment is changing. What used to be a “plan B” career is fast becoming the occupation of choice. Why?

More companies are using recruiters due to the high demand for talented people in the industry. Recruitment consultants use their knowledge, expertise and judgment to match talented candidates to business’ job opportunities. Most companies have realised that their most valuable asset for success is their employees, giving recruiters the change to make a real impact on the economy and business growth.

Agencies are not only seeking the skilled candidates for their clients but looking for the top talent to join their own workforces. There is a significant demand for enthusiastic, ambitious professionals who are self-driven, hardworking and want to “be their own boss”. Recruitment companies are looking for those personalities that can build rapport, handle negotiations, influence and manage relationships.

Here are 8 reasons why recruitment is a good career move for you:

  • High remuneration – Recruitment is built on financial incentives for performance, through commission, rewards and trips away. The more activity you create, the more successful you are in delivering the recruitment solutions inevitably means the more reward you gain. Types of incentives at Franklin Fitch includes: Trips to Miami, Las Vegas, Dublin, Cannes, Skiing, Water sports and many more!
  • Scope for development – Recruitment agencies don’t want a high turnover, they invest in their staff to help them grow and develop as a successful recruiter with expenses on training programmes, coaching and mentorship. Agencies are moulding their staff into business leaders of the future.
  • Variety of work – Recruiting gives you flexibility you may not get in other industries. For instance, one day you may be on the phones working that ‘wolf of wall street’ lifestyle, the next you’ll be out and about meeting clients and candidates, attending meetups, finalising contracts.
  • Progression Opportunities – Top performers will advance their career quickly in recruitment, moving into more senior leadership roles. Recruitment is solely judged on performance, not time served or waiting for someone to take a step down.
  • Competition is exciting – As a recruiter, you are in head to head competition with other consultants and recruitment companies. You’ll be a successful recruiter if you find competition exhilarating, challenging and enjoyable.
  • The opportunity to meet the best – You’ll be speaking with the top talent of whatever industry you choose every day. Allowing you to develop your own specialisms, understand a particular sector inside and out and growing your connections for future job prospects.
  • Consultative approach – Recruitment is for people who aren’t afraid to push themselves. You aren’t selling a product, you’re selling people. People are unpredictable and difficult to manage on the candidate and client side. You are developing skills to consult with clients to find out what they need to make their business grow and help them find the candidates who will make that happen.
  • Human interaction – A highlight with recruitment is the interaction you get on a daily basis. You spend the majority of your time speaking with clients and candidates, understanding their needs and developing your relationships to help advance your career.

So that’s the benefits of a recruitment career in a nutshell. If you interested in speaking with one of our consultants at Franklin Fitch to find out more, call 02036967950!