Counter-offers – why you shouldn’t fall for empty promises

  by Xenia Kusainov As attractive as a counter-offer may seem, you should seriously consider if it’s wise to accept it. If you have already decided to move on from your current job, you shouldn’t let anyone change your mind. As soon as you hand in your notice, a lot of bosses will try and […]

It’s the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia today! ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS WE ARE?!

Today’s the day – 32 countries from all over the world are about to compete in one of the most renowned tournaments on the planet. Entering for Franklin Fitch this year will be Team #Germany, Team #England, Team #Wales and Team #Austria. “4 Locations?!”, you say? – Yes, that’s correct! We’ve grown a lot over […]

8 reasons why Graduates should choose a career in Recruitment

  There are many reasons why Graduates should look to recruitment as their first step into the working environment. The traditional image of recruitment is changing. What used to be a “plan B” career is fast becoming the occupation of choice. Why? More companies are using recruiters due to the high demand for talented people […]