DevSecOps: Making ‘Sec’ Sexy!

by Tom Batstone Let’s face it: security isn’t sexy. Bringing new and exciting products to market is what brings in the dollar; securing them is not. Adhering to security practices can be seen as a hindrance to the agility preached by DevOps practitioners, hence why vulnerabilities can often be ignored until disaster strikes. Bypassing security, […]

Why The US?

  by Jordan Guttridge Last week, my colleague Patricia broke down the reasons why we are opening an office in the US and everything she detailed was exactly why every Brit is excited to go (Especially the supersized food!). I’d like to look at the technical opportunities and the attraction to the market itself! Trending […]

Working in the USA

by Patricia Ballweg The USA is certainly one of the most beautiful, astonishing countries in the world – and also one of the most polarizing. With 50 states, this glorious country has a variety of climates, landscapes and traditions, each of which are just as special in their own way, making it a phenomenal place […]

What can employees do to prevent cyber security issues?

by Konstantin Ehrenberger Cyber security breaches are constantly in the news, so it makes sense to take a step back and review what every single employee can do to further strengthen their company’s cyber security. Contact your company’s IT Security team: In too many cases employees feel like the IT security team is a separate […]