The cost of living – UK vs Germany

  by Thorge Block A question I hear almost daily is “What is the difference in cost of living in different German cities?” So, I have used the website Numbeo to compare a few of the different cities and assess them on their general cost of living. I have looked at Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and […]

Wireless networking with AI

by Chloe Campbell Today we are using virtual assistants on our smartphones and we are standing on the verge of the release of driverless cars. In fact, there isn’t an area that hasn’t benefited from AI. John McCarthy was the first computer scientist to reference AI back in 1956 but trying to predict the future […]

Franklin Fitch Contract Division

We have recently launched our contract division for the UK market. To give you an idea of what we’re doing and who will take care of all your contractor/contract position needs, here’s a short introduction to our contract division practice manager – Simon Nicholls. by Simon Nicholls Introduction to my background My career began with […]

Why Building a career in Recruitment is the best decision you’ll ever make

by Patricia Ballweg A lot has been said about the Pros and Cons of working in Recruitment. Every path is different, every experience is different. This blog is for everyone who considers a career in Recruitment or who already embarked on that journey. 1. The Money Surely: Financial rewards alone won’t keep you happy throughout […]