Cloud Computing – Cloud 9 or just a lot of hot air?

by Xenia Kusainov Saving data on memory sticks and CDs to take it somewhere is a thing of the past. If you want to work efficiently and from any remote location, you’ll want to use cloud services. Smartphone, tablet and most computer users will know the expression – the cloud. Cloud computing is suitable for […]

In-House IT vs Service Provider

by Matthias Oswald I guess almost every system administrator or system engineer knows this situation or will be confronted with it at some point in his or her career: You’ve decided to look for a new career challenge, but which kind of company is the right one? In this blog I would like to take […]

The GDPR is fast approaching! Is your company ready?

by Oliver Neukamm When Germany started car seatbelt regulation, critique arose from everywhere that the necessity/usefulness was way lower than the cost of retrofitting seatbelts – the statistics soon proved the opposite which made the criticisers fall silent. Even though the EU General Data Protection Regulation might not save lives, you can draw a lot […]

Key Indicators of a Mature DevOps Practice

by Tom Batstone As anyone familiar with the DevOps movement should know, there is simply no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to implementing “DevOps”. There are those companies guilty of undergoing the superficial DevOps rebrand, those who put a shiny new label on their sysadmins who have just decided to automate a few of […]